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Dillons Community Rewards Program

Please click here to sign up and keep your donation coming to the Wichita Chamber Chorale. You may enter our name, Wichita Chamber Chorale, or our 5-digit ID, TU781, when they ask what charitable organization you would like to support. 

You can make a significant difference to the Chamber Chorale by becoming a participant in the Dillons Community Rewards Program, designed to help non-profit organizations raise funds to support their activities.  Best of all — it does not cost you a dime!

All you need to do is create an online account and register your existing Plus card. Some of you may use an alternate ID such as your phone number and that works too. They have even added a 3rd option called Digital Plus card. No physical card is needed and you can pick your own 10-digit number.

Once you have registered, continue to shop at any Dillons stores. Unfortunately, fuel purchases are no longer included, but we will still get credit at Kwik Shop for other grocery items. The program is now Dillons Division only, not nationwide Kroger. This basically means all the Kansas Dillons and Kwik Shop stores, Gerbes stores in Missouri (Columbia, Jefferson City, Eldon, and Camdenton), and the Baker’s stores in Omaha NE.

Thank you again for your use of this program. We hope you will sign up right away and keep your shopping donation flowing to the Wichita Chamber Chorale. It really makes a difference to us to receive these fundraising dollars. 

Happy Shopping!

Terms & Conditions

Kroger will pay up to $500,000 on a quarterly basis to participating organizations based on their percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending of all participating Community Rewards organizations.

An Example of Maximizing Contributions to WCC:


Sample Scenario – If a family had the following needs – purchasing $100 worth of groceries, eating out at Bonefish for dinner, and purchasing a new microwave at Lowes — they could buy $100 worth of groceries, a $50 Bonefish gift card and a $200 Lowes gift card all at Dillons, then use the gift cards later for their dinner and their new microwave.

Here is a link to the Dillons Gift Card Mall to make your purchasing dollars go even further for your favorite nonprofit organization, the WCC!

You can see how the purchases benefit the Wichita Chamber Chorale, and also the family with fuel points. (Dillons often offers 2x the fuel points, even 4x the fuel points, for certain purchases. In this scenario, the Bonefish and Lowes cards purchases gave them double the fuel points.)

Dillons Rewards Breakdown Chart.jpg

The family was able to increase their fuel points with the gift card purchases,

spend the same amount as they would have otherwise,

and help the Chamber Chorale receive a donation from

Dillons as part of the Community Rewards Program.

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